Sweating Through The Insights
Why Are We Shouting? with Jill Salzman
The Trust Pickle

The Trust Pickle

What’s in this episode:

Remember that time when an advertiser asked you what your newsletter’s CPC or RPM or CPM was? Did they ever ask how your audience felt upon seeing their ad?

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You really do.

It’s time to set things straight about the ways in which we interact with the people that might pay us. The next time you talk to a sponsor that’s looking for exposure to your audience and they’re focused on calculating clicks, may this episode serve as your reminder to remind them that people are not stats, no matter how much the world’s tried to convince us all that we are.

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Sweating Through The Insights
Why Are We Shouting? with Jill Salzman
Jill Salzman wants no part of the traditional business landscape. Also, she can't stop shouting, especially when it comes to biz advice. Why Are We Shouting? tackles the A’s to every mom entrepreneur’s Q’s when it comes to running a company and lets you in on the stories along the way. Jill ponders the big questions of our day: “How can I grow my business without losing my mind?” “Why can’t my kids stop whining when I’m on an important call?” "How long will it take before Stephen Colbert's team invites Jill to be a guest?" Jill’s an award-winning entrepreneur, author, global speaker, and gum junkie who’s been building businesses for over a decade. She currently runs The Founding Moms, the #1 platform for mom entrepreneurs to build better businesses. Over the years, she’s tried a million trillion quadrillion different things to grow her companies and wants to save you some time and a few headaches. Above all else, she’s certain of one thing: she never knows what she’s doing. If you feel like you don't know what you're doing either, let's shout about it.
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